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This is just my little contribution to clogging up the space on the Internet! Hey, it's free space so why not take it while ya can?! I have several things of which I am proud to be affiliated. First and foremost would be theWindstar Foundation. In 1976, John Denver and Master Aikidoist, Thomas Crum founded the Windstar Foundation in Snowmass, Colorado. Windstar is a not-for-profit 501-c-3 environmental education organization which promotes a holistic approach to addressing environmental concerns. Windstar is an example that shows that all people are part of, and responsible for, the quality of life; and that which affects any one of us, thus affects all of us.

For More Information Regarding The Windstar Foundation:

The Windstar Foundation
7 Avenida Vista Grande, #304
Santa Fe, NM 87505-9199

Or Click the link below:
The Windstar Foundation

The RainForestSite.com

Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells; Aspen, Colorado

In the above paragraph I mentioned, master Aikidoist, Thomas Crum. He is my mentor and one of the brave who withstood my childhood years at Windstar! I started studying Aikido with Tom when I was in my early teens. He offered summer workshops at The Windstar Foundation called AIKI WEEKS. Man, OH man! The experiences I had during those spectacular weeks are among the fondest and most vivid memories of my childhood years.
Though I have left the "nest" I continue to use the techniques that I was taught and have found a dojo where I can practice Aikido.

Growing up atWindstar, I had the most incredible opportunities to spend time with it's other co-founder, John Denver.


John Denver

A great place to go to learn about John Denver and the way that we are keeping his energy alive is by checking out
Rory's John Denver Pages

When it comes to entertainment, I tend to like the foreign actors and a lot of the time that means the foreign movies as well. My favourites are Christopher Lambert, Liam Neeson, and Brendan Gleeson. Christopher Lambert you may know as Connor MacLeod from the film, HIGHLANDER. Liam Neeson portrayed, Qui-Gon Jin in the recent film, Star Wars Episode I. Brendan Gleeson you have all seen in the film, Braveheart. Brendan has done a few other films that you may or may not regognise such as:
  • Braveheart he played Hamish
  • The General he played Martin Cahill
  • Michael Collins he played Liam Tobin
  • Far and Away he played the Social Club Policeman

The Society For Creative Anachronism

MY INTERESTS IN THE SCA Alright on to more things..... Being the Scot that I am, ever since I was a wee lass, I've loved all things Scottish and Medieval. I have found a "place" in this world where I can go and meet others who share those same interests and MORE!! This "Place" is called the SCA or the Society for Creative Anachronism Check out their site and let me know what ya think. It's really a great organisation and the people are AWESOME! I live in an area known in the SCA as The Barony of Settmour Swamp
Here are a few web sites of members that I know. have fun looking and playing on these sites! Pay CLOSE attention to hidden humor!
Canton of Gryphonwald
The East Kingdom of the SCA
Shire of Strikkenwoode
Kerri's Contrariety

Here are a few links to my friends pages and some stuff I'm interested in! Enjoy!
My Yahoo! Pen Pal Club!
Andrews Home Page!
Beth Swanton's Just For Fun Site
Brian Taylor's songs of the heart
Christopher Lambert
Darci's Page
Wildlife Creations
Yellowstone Wolf's Home Page

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