Highlander: Who Wants to Live Forever <BGSOUND SRC="whowants.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
Highlander: Who Wants to Live Forever?
Welcome highlanders... Prepare yourself for an adventure of epic proportions... Highlander: Who Wants to Live Forever takes you into a world that you've always dreamed of.  In this world the immortals are the true kings... they are the princes of the universe.
Game Features:
Download Highlander v1.01
- Create your own immortal or play as a built in immortal
- Fight in classic highlander fight areas: the rooftop and the underground parking lot
- Evolving world - when you kill someone, they stay dead
- Go to Joe's bar and meet with Joe Dawson
- Get info on other immortals using the infamous immortal kill computer
- Phone other immortals to challenge them to a fight
- Go to the church in the early stages of the game to get much needed training
- Meet with Duncan MacLeod at the boathouse.
- Random encounters
- Kill all other immortals and win the prize
- New 2 player battle program
- Battle one of your freinds/enemies and see who is the true master
System Requirements:
- IBM Compatible PC
- 1MB free disk space
Included Immortals:
- Duncan MacLeod
- Ritchie Ryan
- Connor MacLeod
- Methos
- Amanda
- Jacob Kell
- The Kurgan
- Kalas
- Darius
- Hugh Fitzcairn
- Benny Carlassa