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The above photo was taken at a cemetery in Milford, Michigan.  You can view
it with various enhancements, as well as others, by clicking the link below.
We are a volunteer paranormal research and investigations team (formed in October of 2005) based out of Oakland County, Michigan. We conduct searches for true hard evidence of paranormal activity and the spiritual world. Our goal is to perform investigations to determine the probability of life after death. It's said that over 80% of paranormal claims are actually caused by psychological or natural occurances.  We try to recreate an event or find a natural cause/source for the activity and/or evidence found.  We are meant to help people with our compasion, understanding and explainations for not only providing comfort, but to educate as well. Our investigations are held anywhere from public cemeteries to private residential areas and businesses.
Listen to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings captured during our investigations!
Read details of our investigations by viewing our journal!
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We are on Yahoo Messenger screen name: highlandghosthunters
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Selected investigations in 2007 & 2008 were conducted by HGH and TR Desktop Publishing as joint-investigations.  The new Haunted Travels book, that is web interactive, is now available for purchase. Visit: or
for additional information.
See a list of previous investigations conducted by HGH at our Events Calendar
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Providing explanations of glitches and errors.
Based out of Oakland County, Michigan
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