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hpfront_5in Greetings from the board of the Highland Park community in Alpharetta, Georgia!  Let us know what you think about our web site - we welcome any suggestions for improvements!




Our Mission:

It is the purpose of this Board and future Boards to assure the residents of Highland Park that we will proactively seek all methods to maximize the value of our neighborhood through decisions and policies that make our neighborhood attractive to current and new homeowners.  It is our pledge that we make our neighborhood safe for our children and for new families with children who may chooe Highland Park their home.  It is the purpose of this and future Boards to treat residents of Highland Park with respect.  We are a team with the goal of working together to promote Highland Park's attractiveness.  We also pledge to make Highland Park as competitive in the marketplace as possibe, because we all have a vested financial interest in promoting our neighborhood to the public.

John Albano, President
Bart Crispen, Vice President
Ron Balmer, Treasurer
February 2002

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