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Highland Ranch is a working homestead devoted to organic ranching and exploring
the possibilities of returning to small farming or ranching as a viable lifestyle for
many more people.  Click on this text to go to our
HighlandRanch club.

Interested in exotic pets?  We raise and sell rare domesticated animals which make excellent pets for rural or even suburban families.

Click on this text to go to our exotic pet breeder club at Yahoo! where you can learn more or share your experiences with your own exotics.

We also breed and raise Limousin and Limousin/hereford cross beef animals organically.  That means we use no herbicides, pesticides (except for the comfort of the animals), growth enhancers, or antibiotics (except when an animal is sick.)  Commercial feed lots produce very high cholesterol beef because they over grain and supermarket meat is loaded with antibiotics which places the people who eat it at great risk to antibiotic resistant diseases.

Highland Ranch Main House;
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Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

Jacob sheep have two, four, or even six horns and make good pets. Click on the image to go to our Jacob sheep club.

We raise miniature donkeys as pets.

MiniatureDonkey Club at Yahoo!

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Louis (the 16th)
Louis is a full Limousin breeding bull

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