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Mission Highland’s Swim Team Guidelines & Policies

1.   Mission Highlands Swim Team is a summer recreational team affiliated with the East Bay Swim League (EBSL).  All EBSL Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to swimmer eligibility, meets, officials, meet management, scoring & awards, events, personnel and conduct, will apply.  East Bay Swim League Board of Directors shall have the final authority on all league related matters.  The Board of Directors, as established in the Team’s Bylaws, decides all team matters.

A copy of the current EBSL Rules & Regulations is provided to each swimmer’s family at the beginning of the season.

2.   Swimmer Selection:  The Highland’s Swim Team Board has established the following criteria to be used as a guide in selecting Swimmers: 

a)        Return Member Swimmers from the previous year’s team will be automatically awarded a spot on the team if they meet the time standards. 

b)        Return rights may not apply to:

i)           Swimmers who did not swim the prior year

ii)         Swimmers who missed 3 meets or Championships the prior year

iii)        Swimmers who were disqualified from Highlands Swim Team for disruptive behavior

iv)       Swimmers who register after the scheduled team sign -ups

v)         Swimmers whose parents did not show up for the parent meeting

vi)       Swimmers whose parents did not fulfill their volunteer responsibility for the previous year

c)        Priority will be given to new swimmers based upon need, age group and gender.  This objective is to insure that the team has competing swimmers in all events.

d)        Highland’s Board of Directors has determined that 125 is the maximum number of swimmers allowed on the team for each season with the understanding that only 100 swimmers may participate in the EBSL Championships.


Text Box: 1.	A team is not limited by EBSL to the number of swimmers they shall have during the dual meet season. 
3.	All swimmers are eligible to score points for all events in which they participate. The number of events in which a swimmer can participate will remain up to 3 individual, 4 total; and team scoring will remain 2 relay/event, 3 individual/team per event. 
4.	Final roster turn-in will be mid-July. After that, no new swimmers may be added to a team unless a team has less than 100 swimmers. 
5.	Championship rosters (disks) will contain the names of the 100 swimmers per team that will participate at Championships and will be due two weeks before championships. 
6.	Because all swimmers are eligible for Championships until 2 weeks before the event, changes will be made to final rosters only in the event of major injury or death. 
7.	In order to be eligible for Championships, a swimmer must swim in 3 regular League meets during the season. 
8.	Teams will set their own rules in regards to who participates at Championships based on current EBSL eligibility rules. 
9.	Home team is able to limit the number of participants from the away team to 100 total swimmers. 

3.         Current EBSL Rules (2003) for teams are summarized as follows:

All swimmers swim for points during the season.  Families who plan to miss Championships must let Coach Frank know that as soon as possible. During the last 2 weeks of the season, the Coaches will determine which 100 swimmers will be participating at Championships.

When choosing the team, the Coaches and Swim Team Board will place considerable emphasis on the swimmer’s commitment, attitude, sportsmanship and attendance, as demonstrated throughout the season and practice.  These attributes may take precedence over a swimmer’s ability.


4.  Swimmers Responsibilities:

a.      Swimmers in the “under 8” age group, must be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping, using the freestyle stroke within the time standard.  This must be accomplished by May 31.

b.      Swimmers, with the exception of the “under 8” age group, must be able to swim at least two swim strokes competently and within the time standards.  This must be accomplished by May 31.  Time trails will be scheduled on or about the last week in May.

c.      IT IS CRITICAL THAT PARENTS ADVISE THE COACH BY MONDAY IF A SWIMMER WILL BE ABSENT FOR THAT WEEK’S MEET.  A great amount of time and thought goes into planning each week’s meet with the other team.  Please be considerate of the Coaches’ time and energy.

d.      Swimmers who miss more than two swim meets may be dropped from the swim team for the remainder of the season. 

                                                                 i.      A member of the Swim Board or the Swim Team Coach will notify parents of any member dropped from the team and the reasons for the drop.

e.      Swimmers must attend practice at the scheduled time. 

                                                                 i.      Two unexcused absences from practice during a given week or repeated tardiness could cause a swimmer to be ineligible for the upcoming meet.

                                                                ii.      During the practice period while school is in session, swimmers may occasionally be excused from practice for other school sports or school related activities, i.e. theater, baseball or high school swimming teams.  If swim team members are not committed to other team practices or school events, they are expected to attend swim practice at their scheduled time. 

                                                              iii.      SWIMMERS MUST NOTIFY THE COACH IF UNABLE TO ATTEND PRACTICE.

f.        Team practices are typically held in the evenings until school ends. (Subject to change)

                                                        Time                             Age Group

                                                        6:00 PM – 6:30 PM       8 & Under

                                                        6:30 PM - 7:00 PM        9-10

                                                        7:00 PM - 7:45 PM        11-12

                                                        7:45 PM - 8:30 PM        13-18

g.      Team practices are typically held in the early mornings once school ends. (Subject to change)

                                                        Time                             Age Group

                                                        7:30 AM - 8:45 AM        13-18

                                                        8:45 AM - 9:45 AM        11-12

                                                        9:45 AM - 10:30 AM      9-10

                                                       10:30 AM - 11:00 AM      8 & Under



  1. Parent Responsibilities:  Parents or guardians of each swimmer on the Swim Team are required to make a TIME AND FINANCIAL COMMITMENT.  Your time is required in the following areas: swim meet setup, swim meet, swim meet take down, snack bar, socials, championships.
    1. The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule and assign times as required to insure adequate coverage for all jobs necessary to run the swim team. 

                                                                 i.      Parents will be given an opportunity to volunteer for the times, dates, and activities of your choice at the Parent’s Meeting.

    1. Parents/guardians are required to sign up for each of the following for each swimmer enrolled: (subject to change)

                                                               i.      4 regular shifts of approximately 4 hours per shift 

                                                             ii.      2 short shifts of approximately 15 minutes per shift

                                                            iii.      1 Championship job of approximately 2 hours per shift

    1. Parents with a schedule conflict or who are unable to meet a volunteer time commitment must arrange a substitute volunteer. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND A REPLACEMENT. Failure to do so may jeopardize that swimmer’s future team participation.
    2. The Highlands Swim Team Board will establish an annual fee payable at sign-ups for each swimmer on the team. 

                                                               i.      A family with more than two swimmers may be allowed to pay 1/2 of the fees due at sign-ups and the remaining 1/2 of the fees at parent night.

    1. Members vs. Non-members

                                                               i.      Swimmers on the Highlands Swim Team whose parent or guardian own or lease the rights of a membership in the Highlands Swim Club are considered Member Swimmers.

    1. All other swimmers are considered Non-Member Swimmers. 

                                                               i.      Non-Member Swimmers will be assessed the annual fee plus an additional $85 swim club fee.  .

                                                            ii.      Non-Member Swimmers will only be afforded privileges of the swim team.  They will not assume any Highlands Swim Club privileges.  Non-Members Swimmers must requalify for the swim team each year.   They will not automatically be awarded a spot on the team because they swam on the previous year’s team.

    1. The team competition swimsuit is required dress for all swim meets and championships. 

                                                               i.      The cost of the swimsuit is additional to the annual fee. 

                                                             ii.      The cost of the swimsuit will not be refunded should the swimmer not qualify for the team or choose not to swim.

    1. Refund Policy.  Should a swimmer not qualify or choose not to swim, the fee may be refunded according to the following schedule:

                                                               i.      On or before May 15:  50% of annual fee

(For non-members the club assessment fee is forfeited.)

                                                             ii.      After May 15:  No refund will be given.


6.  CONDUCT POLICY  (adopted in 1999)

“All swimmers, parents, siblings and spectators at swim team events will abide by the ESBL rules of sportsmanship and conduct. Any swimmer breaking these rules will be penalized in accordance with ESBL Rules and Regulations.  Any parent, sibling or spectator breaking these rules will be given a confidential written warning consisting of explanation of the infraction.  A second violation will result in that person’s immediate expulsion from all team activities for the remainder of the season.  The associated swimmer’s application to the team for subsequent swim seasons may be accepted at the discretion of the Mission Highlands Swim Team Board of Directors.”