The highlands of Chaos are members of Belegarth-Medieval Combat Society(MCS). We are located within south eastern Idaho, and have groups in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rigby, St. Anthony, with more to come soon! We fight with foam padded weapons to simulate full force medieval warfare scenarios. MCS IS FULL CONTACT!!!! We incorporate full force swings, shield bashing and kicking, along with limited grapling. It is a great sport for Medieval reenactors, or contact sport enthusiasts. We regularly hold events from 100 to over 500 fighters on the field, and travel all over the country to attend other groups events. There are groups, or realms, located all over the country, and they regularly hold events, along with weekly fighter practices and other activities. Of course this is not for everyone, it is a rough sport, but safer to play then basketball, or even football. We rigorously check all of our weapons , shields and armor to make sure they meet our saftey standards. For more information on the Highlands of Chaos, or the MCS in general, contact on of your local representatives. they will be happy to give you battle times, and any information you desire!
visit the news section for current news. Also email the webmaster to be put on a mailing list to keep current with upcomming events as well as any news from around MCS.
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We are currently looking for an indoor place to practice. If you have any information, please post in our forums!
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