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Having trouble with the guest book now, I have a set of hooker comp headers for vega/monza for sale, email for more, $150 or trade/Site Updated 03/23/01 Thanks for stopping by. Gilmerz Family Racing is dedicated to bringing you Arkansas racing links and other Info on drivers and the cars or trucks they drive. We hope that you enjoy the website as much as I have building it. Sorta like tinkering with a Small block! Once the site is up and running you will  have links to go to as well as other goods and of course the for sale area. If you have a link regarding ARKANSAS RACING please email it to me. I will be glad to add it. Be sure to sign the guest book, A little about me, I like to drag, Streets in town or on a country back road, Even at the track Ive been known to slam a few pistons. My interests are the RATS of drag cars, Ya know the ones that dont have the fancy paint etc etc. But listen to the rat and it tells the tell. The sound of a big ass cam in a Rat is all it takes to get your heart pumping. Be sure to join the club here, Post your wants and needs or whatever. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the site. Thanks for stopping by! Big Cam.   High_lift@yahoo.com

My Car in the Early stages

Racing Links (more to come)

Free Practice Tree! No Shit!

local Rats

Centerville Drag way

My Car

My latest project!




Parts from EX

Parts from Jegs


Email me with your Pics in JPG format


Rough Idle



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