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Updates Monday, November 17, 2003
I keep forgetting to take pictures with my phone when i go do stuff. I did'nt update much today just added some pictures of me in the pictures section. Wanna have your picture on my website email me or contact me on aim.

:: Bored:: Saturday, November 15, 2003
Well i got bored with photoshop and making designs for now. So this is gonna be my website. I will register the domain Tullyr.com whenever i feel like asking my mom if i can use her credit card. I'm going out tonight ill take a lot of pictures and upload them later tonight if i can. The programs section im not sure what kinda programs to add there. Ill add a link to AOL Instant Messanger for those that don't have it can download and contact me. I need suggestions for my site. Tell me what you guys want on here and what could make my site better. Alright im gonna start working on the layout of this site for now see if i can jazz it up a bit.

Hmm! Thursday, October 23, 2003
I'm gonna start updatin this site again. I'm workin on some other ones at the moment ill post the links to some of my other sites once i get them up and running.

Updates Friday, September 25, 2003
Added 2 new lyrics.Added some pictures.Added some quotes.

Scary Ass Day Monday, September 22, 2003
Holy shit today was a scary day.Im not gonna explain why it just was! The Tention is building is building in the center cantein between the whites and the armenians.I can't waut till sumtin happens so i can just watch some white people get knock da f#*k out.Anyways no updates in any section once again im gettin lazy as fu**.Tomarrow ill take some pictures or some shit anyways im out.

No Updates Sunday, September 21, 2003
Once again no updates! I was busy today. i played basketball for like 3 hours wit the homie adam then went to the movies with my baby boo. Ill take pics tomarrow and upload them or sumtin i guess. I got the school checking my attendance records everyday now. I've missed around 30 classes so far in 2 weeks. It's mostly cause i had my schedual all messed up.

Arcadia Football Game Friday, September 19, 2003
No updates for today i was gone all night.I went to Arcadia Football game and saw a lot of old faces. Arcadia got worked by upland.After the football game was gay i coulda gone to partys and my mom trips out about who im with and comes and picks me up.I went to mcdonalds when my mom got me and there was the worst smell in there! It was the mcdonalds in Monrovia. Im gonna work on the site tomarrow but my main thing is learning Photoshop 7.0.I want to make some nice ass graphics and have a tight website.This xanga thing is kinda shit.Anyways ill work on some stuff tomarrow for now its 1:45am and im out of it so im gonna take a quick shower and then goto sleep.

Photoshop Thursday, September 18, 2003
Today was a fun day. If you saw me at school you probly know why it was. If not talk to me on aim. Anyways no updates except for some junk pictures i made in photoshop. Im new with photoshop so ya if your really good and wanna help me out hit me up on aim. I wanted to add a wma file to play in the background of this website but i think geocities denies the use of them.

NuTtIn NeW! Wednesday, September 17, 2003
No updates today cause i went to monrovia with the homie and kicked it out there. When i got home i had to do homework and fill out some job applications. I got a new schedual today =(. I have 8 periods now wtf! Im trying to get them fixed. I'm going to see what i can do tomarrow. I need pictures send me some on aim! I was bored so i made this in photoshop. Suppose to be like a matrix effect.

Updates Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Today i started the pictures section and random stuff section. I have some pictures of some of the homies on the pictures section a long with some photoshop edited pics. I added a link to a funny ass fight between a big black guy and a small whiteguy in the random stuff section. I gonna take pics tomarrow at school with my camera. I got the verizon LG VX6000 its a pimp phone. I can double zoom with it. Im gonna register Tullyr.com tomarrow and maybe register my hosting by next week. I need a job i applied for the market and pizza hut haha. I get out half day if i work 7 hours a day at minimum wage ill be making 200 a week and thats fine with me. Well come back for more updates tomarrow ima get some sleep.

Class sucks! Monday, September 15, 2003
Just was bored in class so i took a pic. Today im working on the Lyrics section. I'm going to take it 1 section at a time. The main layout is looking good so ill probly keep it. The webpoll might get taken off or ill upload a poll cgi file and config it myself. At the moment using the bravenet one takes too long to load.

Website... Sunday, September 7, 2003
This is gonna be my website layout. Im going to finish it all up on my comp before i upload it. So don't expect updates untill around october. This website is going to be about anything i feel like puttin on it. It will range from programs to pictures to who knows. I am going to upload files such as internet tweaks and aim progs. The pictures i will be uploading range from partys to just random ass pictures. Anyways if you got questions, ideas, or have somthing to say email me at highmarine@yahoo.com. You can also contact me on aim my s/n is xXTullyXx.





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