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To the Hillburn Vol. Fire Dept.5
Hillburn Fire Department
37 Fifth Street
Hillburn, New York 10931
Phone & Fax
(845) 357-9260
We shall never forget the senseless act of terrorism that has befallen our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and each one of us affected by the horrfic event. God deliver us from evil and help heal the wounds left behind.    
Chief - Shane Starr. 5-1
1st Assist Chief - Ed Kelly Jr. 5-2
2nd Assist Chief - T J Strysko 5-3
Capt. - Craig Flannigan 5-4
Lieutenant -  5-5
Lieutenant - 5-7
President - Thomas Strysko
Vice President - Irving Strysko

Truck pictures courtesy of Craig Sherman Stop by his site by click this link..
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5-Quad is now in service. More pictures  posted. Courtesy of Pierce Mfg
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