"Pete" as he is better known as, came to live with us on December 24th, 2004.  My Christmas Eve present to myself.  He was born on August 5th, 2004 and was about 4 1/2 months old when he adopted Us.  He was a challenge from the start, but he has fit right in here at Hillside.  He's a keeper and has won our hearts all the way.  No one will ever replace our "Pooh Bear", and "Pete" is not meant to be a replacement.  He is his ownself, and we Love him.  I will keep the pictures current on this page so be sure to come back and visit from time to time.  We passed obediance school in May, of 2005, he was a hit. We make regular trips back so he can socialize.   I hope you enjoy seeing him. We sure do enjoy him.
Day One, 4 1/2 months old
4 1/2 months old, Look at that sweet face, gotta love it!! He's already made himself to home, and it was the first day in the house.
Day two, Nap time, It's a hard life being a Corgi.  And satin is easy to sleep on.
About 5 1/2 months old here, He has finally taken to the Weasel Ball,  Stopped running from it and started to chase it.
Nap time again. You bet, It's a hard life when your a little one. And this is the normal Corgi way to sleep. About 6 months old.
This one was taken in April, 05.  He is maturing nicely. He is 9 months on the 5th of May, 05. Happy Boy. We Love Him.
Here he is in the Famous Corgi Corner. And Pooh Bear in the background to watch over it all.
No, he' not fat, it's just the way he is sitting.  The Weasel Ball is down to just the ball now and it no longer works and  we are obsessed with it. He pushes it all over the house.  He is 7 1/2 months here.
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"Pistol Pete"
Pete doing the dishes in Feb. 06.  Yes, we make him work around here too.
Pete has a few too many toys, but hey, what the heck.    19 months,   2/06
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