Hillside Stoney Ash's, Offspring
This page is dedicated to the foals of "Hillside Stoney Ash".  He has registered and grade foals on the ground. All are either bay, black bay, brown or black. He has one rare and lovely gray stallion and a pinto mare.  Since he carries no chestnut genes, he can not produce one.  I do hope this page will give you some idea of the foals he can and has produced. Enjoy! 
Registered Morgan, Full Lippitt Breeding
Royalton Muffinette  x  Rohan Elessar
Photo age 5 years.
Photo at age 15 years.
"Hillside Alert Mariah Ash" 
Hillside Alert Misty  x Stoney Ash
5/23/1989   Bay,  Mare
Tragicly, this mares life was cut short by colic.  She was just about to begin her life as a broadmare. She was owned by Eastdown Morgans, and  Rosewater Farms.
"Eastdown Georgia Twilight"
Hillside Alert Misty  x  Stoney
5/2/1993, Bay, Mare
Georgia is pictured here with her 99, filly,  "Sand Mtn Betsy Twilight"
Owned by RoseWater Farm of Wisconsin
Photo by Betty McDaniel    1999
"Eastdown Zechariah"
Hillside Alert Misty x Stoney
5/29/1994, Bay, Gelding
"Eastdown Moro Alert"
Hillside Alert Misty x Stoney
5/29/1995, Bay, Gelding
"CW Silver Ash"
Hy Crest Satina x Stoney
7/6/1993, Gray, Stallion
This rare and beautiful stallion is owned by Anne  Boorman Canavan. He stands at stud on the Dogwood Mountain Morgans Farm,  Crossville, Tennessee 
"White Willow Dusky Kate"
Woodstock Delilah x Stoney
4/30/1990, Black,  Mare
Kate resides at Canton, Ill. and is owned by Neil Lewis
"Baybrook Lucy Ash"
Integrity's Ashley Darling x Stoney
5/21/ 2000, Black/Brown, Mare
"Lucy" is owned by Alan and Debra Heck, of Baybrook Morgan Farm in Lapeer, Michigan.
"Baybrook Isabella"
Integrity's Ashley Darling x Stoney
5/22/2001, Bay Mare
This Lovely Filly resides in Indiana. 
Her owners are Ann & Chris Stapleton
"Starshine Epsilon Aurigae"
4/16/2005  Brown, Stallion
Garnet Ashbrooke x Stoney
In 2007, Orin took the USEF Region 2 Morgan-in-hand Championship, he also took Jr. Champion at the LCS in Vermont.   He continues to do great things. I am so glad that Leigh is getting him out there and in the public eye.
Owned by Leigh Semilof, New York
Photo by Denlore Photo's   8/2005
Amberfields Ima Velvet Ash,
out of Marvelous Ima Darling
Amberfields Pebbles,
out of Mikasa Charisma
Amberfields Incan Ashes,
out of Wachuset Phacelia
The 3 foals listed above were all born at Amberfields Morgans, in New York.  2005
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