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I met Ajay for the first time in Pune. He was transferred from Bombay and was to take over as my boss. My colleagues had informed me that he was a crazy sort of a guy who hated almost everybody around him and I was very apprehensive about having him as my immediate senior. When I met he him he turned out to be totally different from the preconceived image I had about him. 

He was my boss for about three months, those three months were crazy. We really freaked out and had a ball. One incident I'll never forget is when I purchased my first cell phone from a sales executive of BPL Mobile. That guy tried his best to convince Ajay to go in for a cell phone too but our friend was adamant that he did not need a cell phone. A couple of days a later a cute chick called Sheetal walked into our office selling cell phones from AT&T, guess what??? Our man purchased a cell phone from her.

We shared an apartment and used to go to work together. There used to be on nice looking girl in the bus. We did not know her name but used to call her 'kali wali' because of the black dress she normally wore. Since cell phones were still a novelty in those days, we used to try and impress her with our phones.

We used to go down to Lonawala quite often and freak out at the Bushy Dam. Those days did not last long because I got transferred to a location at Bombay. 

Ajay is now married to Shalini and both are settled in Auckland, New Zealand.


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