Anil Gonsalves

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I met Anil on the first day of my college. Although we had been staying in the same neighborhood in Juhu, we never actually met each other before that day. We had a lot of fun during our days in Mithibai College. Anil was constantly up to some mischief and I was occasionally involved in some of them. 

The best incident was when Anil and I removed the starters of all the tube lights of our lecture hall, without the starters the lights won't work. The lectures were cancelled as a result of this.  There was another incident when he spat on my palms on the pretext of reading my hand. I got a crazy idea, went down to the cooler, filled my mouth with water hoping to empty it on Anil, it missed him and landed  on some babes behind him. That was hilarious,  I'll never forget the expression on their faces.

He moved to Perth, Australia in 1998 but our entire group really misses his presence. I caught up with him last year and it was great re living those wonderful memories.




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Last modified: December 05, 2002