Hindu Holocaust-Mulayam killer of Ram Bhakths

Massacre at Ayodhya - under Mulayam Rule

The prelude
The polictics
Oct-30-1990 Massacre
Some pictures
Hindu wars to reclaim Ayodhya Sri RamaJanma Bhoomi
Under Raja Megatap Singh1
Under Devinda Pande1
Under Raja Ranavijay Singh2
Under Rani Jeyraj Kunwari10
Under Balaramachari of Coimbatore20
Under Baba Vaishnav Dass and many others30
In 1857 the temple was handed over to the Hindus by Muslims by the order of Bahadur Shah Zafar
1886 March District court of the British accepts demolition of temple but refuses permission to rebuid temple
1986 feb District court orders opening of the locked temple under the Masjid like domes
1886 March District court of the British accepts demoloition of temple but refuses permission to rebuild temple

So in October 30 1990 , Vishva Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) decides to do Karseva at Ayodhya to replace the dome like structures standing over the temple. This is projected out to the whole world as a threat to a (non-existent) mosque there by All India Babri Masjid Action Committee and also by pseudo-secularist parties like Congress-I and Communits and the ruling Janata Dal. Mr.V.P.Singh the then prime minister first talks about 'What Masjid there' and then backtracks and vows to protect the 'Masjid' there. Mualayam Singh Yadav the chief minister of UP joins the race to become the protector of the 'Masjid'. The drama unfolds at the banks of Sarayu river on the morning of October 30 1990...over a non-existent Masjid and a race to get the Muslim votes.

Despite the heaviest security arrangements UP state has ever seen, with 40,000 CRPF and police personnel at Ayodhya town alone and a total of 2,65,000 forces put in nabbing operations throughout the state to prevent people reaching Ayodhya, more than 1,00,000 Karsevaks 'appear' inside Ayodhya as early as morning 7:00 am, on October 30 1990 as announced four months back by VHP leaders.

Karsevaks started moving over the bridge on the river Sarayu. Police starts Lathi Charge and continues till 10:00 am. But Karsevaks did not retaliate and nor did they run away. More KarSevaks joined in. By around 11:00 am more than 3,00,000 KarSevaks had come inside the little town of Ayodhya. Police attacked with tear gas shells. Findng KarSevaks neither retaliating nor dispersing police started respecting the karsevaks. Police Superintendent incited police to attack Karsevaks. VHP leader Ashok Singhal appeared. Police Superintendent himself started attacking Hindu sadhus. Karsevaks got angry at the police attacking the Sadhus. They broke all barricades towards Sri Ramajanma Bhoomi and started proceeding towards the Janmasthan. Former DSP of Police and a VHP leader Sri.Dixit pacified the karsevaks. Again karsevaks became peaceful. But they had reached their target. Police were suddenly ordered to start firing on these Karsevaks well witin the heart of Ayodhya without warning shots. Braving the bullets and lathis Karsevaks entered the site.

RamLalla Hum Aygaye Mandir Wahan Banayenge
reverbrated throughout the air. They claimed over the domes , the structure which had been described by Mahatma Gandhi as 'symbol of slavery', and hoisted the saffron flag. Police then opened fire on Karsevaks. They shot to kill. More than 100 Karsevaks died and many more disappeared. Later bodies of Kar sevaks killed in police firing were reovered from Sarayu with sandbags hooked to the body so that they would not float. Even women and old sadhus were not spared. Mulayam Singh Yadav had done a deed that would make a Babur or Aurnagazeb or gaznavi proud and he would be remembered by every Hindu till the end of the world as a traitor and a butcher of Ram bakths for Muslim votes.

Some Images of Ayodhya Massacre

You can see the sand bags hooked to the body of this Karsevak.
The mothers do not understand. She taught their children Ramayan. They told them Ram was born in Ayodhya. So the children went to build a temple for Ram at Ayodhya. The mothers got their children as decomposed dead bodies from Sarayu the river by the side of which Sri Rama ruled. The killer lives happily and can ask the Hindu mothers to vote him too. Hearts of the Hindu mothers burn like the pyre and cry out 'Where have you gone Oh Madanlal Dhingra? Where have you gone Oh Uttam Singh?"

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