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Spiritual Stories

There are many spiritual stories around in our Puraan, Upanishad and elsewhere. Some of them are given here, read and ponder over them

1. Where Does God Live?
2. The Riddle of Destiny and Free Will
3. Pronunciation of Mantra
4. Dialog Between Devtaa and Yaksh
5. Dialog Between Yaagyavalkya and Maitreyee
6. Dialog Between Yam and Nachiketaa
7. Dialog Between Kaushalya and Pippalaad
8. Dialog Between Uddaalak and Shwetketu
9. Dialog Between Gaargee and Yaagyavalkya
10. Dialog Between Prajaapati and Indra
11. Dialog Between Shwetketu and a King
12. Dialog Between a Rishi and a Beggar


Hindu Puraan | Upanishad | Stories
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