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Dears friends, we are pleased to informed you that we have fininshed with the
website upgrading, pls visit us at the undermentioned http address and
check out the undermentioned rates & terms as well...

Http Address : www.dtslibrary.com
Login Name : dtslibrary
   Password : welcome

    Packages                 PS2, XBOX, PC Games         DVD Movies, Ras & etc
10pcs   & Above             $6.00 per piece                  $6.00 per piece
20pcs   & Above              $4.00 per piece                 $4.50 per piece
50pcs   & Above              $4.00 per piece                 $4.00 per piece
100pcs & Above              $3.50 per piece                 $3.50 per piece
Packages                DVD Adult & 2in1 Ras           3in1 Ras
    10pcs   & Above                 $8.00 per piece           $9.00 per piece
20pcs   & Above                  $6 per piece               $7 per piece
50pcs   & Above                   $6 per piece               $7 per piece
100pcs & Above                   $6 per piece               $7 per piece

You can ordered from any catergory as you like. Pricing will be adjusted  
according to your total quantity. We provide listing for resellers or teams  
to take order. Just email to us and request for listing.

Our website will only post up DVD 7.5 & DVD 9 for movies  
DVD 5 = Cinema DVD Copies, will be out once the movie is on cinema but  
will not be posted on our website due to low demand & lesser quality but avail  
DVD 7.5 = Demo tapes or Clear Viewing DVD Copies  
DVD 9 = Original DVD Copies or Similar Quality.

Pricing are in S'pore dollars and includsive of delivery charges. 
www.dtslibrary.com this website is valid for online orders and  
delivery in S'pore only. Minimum order of 10 pcs of your choice 
before replacements. It is recommeded to order a few pcs more 
in common cases of titles unavailable. Cash payment upon delivery only.

When your order is ready, the delivery will contact you for place &  
time. Place & time is to your convenience. Normally it takes 1-3 days 
for your order to reached you. Any Defects will be replaced on your  
following order accordingly.

Kindly email to us at
dtslibrary@yahoo.com should you have any
orders or enquires. Always looking forward to provide
a better service & pricing