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You're Not A Knight
You're not a knight in armor bright
flashing from place to place
But, oh, the brightness of the glow
upon your smiling face.

You're not a knight who can recite
                                            love words in fashion grand
But, oh, the sweetness of your lips
                                            upon my trembling hand!

You're not a knight on a great steed of white
                                     holding a great broadsword high,
But, oh, the tenderness of your  caress--
                                                 pure as an angel's sigh.

You're not a knight who all hell would fight
                                                   to win his lady fair,
But, somehow, when I've needed  you most--
                                               You've been standing there.

You're not a knight who's glorious might
                                                  is in his sword and shield,
But, somehow, you're my source of strength
                                                   my hidden wish fulfilled.

You're not a knight who's man's delight
                                                   as a beautiful work of art,
But, ah, to me, you are a masterpiece
                        To be cherished in my heart.
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