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Grandma' Ostriches
This is an update to another page I had.  Since I no longer have my large flightless fellows, it is with sadness and memories that I make this page.  They brought me many hours of laughter, tears, and entertainment in general.  They were my fellow confidants when I had a problem to work out.
They listened well, and never carried tales to the market, or anywhere else.

We lost Maggie a few months  ago due to a tragedy.  It was  the start of mating
season, and she had been running from Jiggs, crashing into the fence.  She
had hit the fence near a post, and had broken something inside that led to
her death.
She was a very sweet natured creature, in spite of the fact of
her size.  She loved to be fussed over and petted.  She liked to be fed
grapes from my hands, and most of all she loved showers. She would get down
and tumble back and forth in the water spray making sure every spot on her was bathed.

Jiggs showing off for company.
Jiggs Displaying
Jiggs and Maggie as youngsters getting their shower.
Shower time!!!
Age8 months
Me moving Maggie to her new pen from crib pens.
Jiggs & Maggie age 9 months
Maggie at age 6 months!
Jiggs & Maggie 9mos old
Another one of their favorite things to do was swipe hats and pinch
ears.  They would walk the fence line when the mower was going by
also.  They walked miles a day on those days.
We buried Maggie and will plant a shrub to mark the spot.

As for Jiggs; well he has a new home now.  I could not let him be
lonesome, so found a home for him on another farm that has a dozen
more ostriches, and will be happy there.  He will have several girls
to chase to run off some of his energy. 

Yes, I miss them, but am glad I had them for the several years I
did.  They were a joy to me.
I'll take you to see the Rheas from here
Shall we continue our journey?
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