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We have all at one time or another had to say good-bye to a
loved one who had to make a trip somewhere that could not include you.  The feelings that arise at that time are the most
conflicting and confusing things that you must deal with lightly .
You very  "bravely" put on a smile then hide your tears for later....and you think of all those things you wanted to say
and didn't or couldn't at the time.
I  Wanted To Say
Tonight I said"Be Careful"
                               And "I'll miss you"
                                                      As I watched you drive away.
Yet with a tear in my eye,
                              In thought I whispered "I Love You"
                                                   And there's so much more
                                                                                I  wanted to say!

That  you're the first glow of early dawn
                             The first evening star at night
That you're the tempest of the storm
                             That carries me to unclimbed mountain heights
                                                                                   I wanted to say!

That you're the kiss of late evening's sun
                             The smile of fresh dew of morn
That your touch takes me to such heights and depths
                             That I sometimes feel as though reborn.
                                                                                 I wanted to say!

That your quiet strength so overwhelms me
                             That before its forceful gentleness, I tremble
That you can arouse such feelings within me, as
                              I have yet known naught to resemble.
                                                                                  Oh! I hope!

Loved one, you can realize
                                The essence of my dearth:
That you've grown into the Soul of me,
                                  That you give my life some worth.

Yes, I wanted to say these things to you
                                   but I only said the trite---
So I write just what I then felt
                                   And feel for you this night.

                                          july 1983

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