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I think we all have times when we are overwhelmed with the happenings in our lives and tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive.
When I had finally decided that life was worthwhile and the pain of it could be dealt with I wrote the following poem about my decision to deal with it.
Life is too short
                      to dwell on my sorrows;
                                        to harbour my grudges
                               in bitter tomorrows.

Life is too short
                     to dwell on my pain;
                                         to play and replay
                               some vengeful refrain.

Life is too sweet
                       to waste precious minutes
                                         in nursing resentment;
                             self-righteousness in it.

Oh , let me not dwell
                      on life's sorrow and sadness;
                                         Please? let me think only
                             of life's Blessings
                                         with gladness!
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