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We have  nearly all at one time or another felt the joy and pride in  one of our children's accomplishments...especially if they have had a handicap of some kind to overcome.
Behold!  My Baby Girl
Within the garden of my heart
           There stands someone who's quite apart.
I am her captive; this I know--
           She keeps my soul, with pride, aglow
              For I have loved no other so!

I'm thrilled if just our fingers touch
           Because to me she means so much.
To her I'd sing the sweetest phrase
            Of greatest joy and boundless praise
               For many years and endless days.

She walks in humblest beauty rare
             With voice so soft and gracful air
Within her heart there is no guile--
              And many times I bask a while
                   Within the aura of her smile.

I love her everywhere she goes--
               With dappled cheek and freckled nose;
I love her twinkling eyes of blue
                And her shiny hair of blondish hue...
                    I love her more when each day's through.

With lovely radiance, she draws me near;
                This one I hold completely dear.               OH! JOY!!   When I my darling see---
                 BEHOLD!  My darling walks now to me!
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