Hints 4 Thuan
Hello, this web site is totally devoted to one thing...get Diem married off! You see, many good thing will result in Diem getting married...one of which is Dan and Kat will win 100 dollars.

So please...support this effort, and check back daily. Hints for Thuan will always contain the latest hints and reasons why Diem should get married.
This is Sammy Fao. You may recognize him from his popular web-cam show, "Sammy Fao Never Smiles."  Diem, mesmorized by his web presence, decided she had to meet him. So, using her QuickCam at work, she was able to link up. Today, she provides the much needed comic releif and sound effects for his show, as well as her love.  The rest, they say, is Internet History that may never be deleted.
Reasons to Marry Diem Big Bird says... "hey you two, get engaged!"
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