Its All Bout Me Baby!
Quote of the day....
Never accept less than exceptional... open your heart wide and push the limits....
All that I am and all that I do is seen through the eyes of my children... "Does not my heart bleed because I am an abject and useless creature?"  Without them I am lost.
Someday I will make it happen
My Favorite Piece of Art....remember Ferris Bueller?
Music...Tantric, Incubus, Puddle of Mud, Staind, Linkin Park, Soul Coughing, Creed, Bush
Books... Crime and Punishment, Queen of the Damned, Madame Bovary
mMovMovies... Planet of the Apes, Serendipity, American Pie 2
Life... Whatever feels good and makes you only live once.
My Reccommendations
    A man new to Heaven is curious about what he can do there.  He sees beautiful women walking by.  "St. Peter" he says, "Can I have sex in Heaven?"  "Of course!  This is Heaven.  Have sex with whoever you want."  So he grabs a woman and starts having sex with her.  "St Peter, can I have anal sex in Heaven?"  "Of course.  This is Heaven.  Put it where you want." says St Peter.  So the man does and has an amazing orgasm all over the place.       "St. Peter, that was great.  But now I have to take a shit bad.  Where do I go?"  St Peter says, "This is Heaven.  Go right here if you want."  So the man does.  "What do I use to wipe?"  he asks.  St Peter says, "This is Heaven.  Use whatever you can."  So he looks around, sees some grass and wipes.  Suddenly the man wakes up and realizes he has been dreaming.  He looks over at his wife and she is glaring at him furiously.   "Whats wrong with you?  Why are you so pissed?"  he asks.  "Well what do expect me to be?"  she says.  "You grab me, start screwing me, do me in the ass, cum all over me, shit on the bed, and then rip out my pubic hairs and wipe your ass!  Of course I am pissed!"
My Bio
     Hey!   I am 26 years old and have lived in Montana pretty much most of my life.  LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!    I have been married and divorced, and currently single but attached.   I have 3 gorgeous kids (they look just like me of course) and i love them madly.  I work my a** off as a sales rep for the largest wireless provider in the US and darn proud of it!  I am wild at heart and I love to go out and have fun.  Doesn't matter much what it is so long as its fun!  I love music and downloading MP3's.  I currently have over 1000 and counting.  My favorite place to go to unwind is  a local Karaoke bar to sing, drink, and dance my a** off.  I do much, trust little, and live my life the way i want!  I saw a great quote once..."Some may say you are going the wrong way when actually you are just going a way of your own".  So there you have it.  You want more you will have to ask for it!  Dont forget to sign my guestbook.  See ya!  
Men...A good heart, a nice smile, and a wild side to match my own!
I am also on AOL...hipchkk814... IM me!
I am tough as nails, sweet as sugar, happy as a little girl, and 100% woman.  Nothing is impossible for  a chkk like me!