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Welcome to the HO Fan Page--your connection to one of Southern California's finest alternative rock bands! Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy our website!

We are HO!

Originally founded in 1999 by Darin Arsenault, Hippocratic Oaf (also known as HO) has undergone several evolutions since its conception. Earlier versions of the group were lighter in style with a horn section. No more. The music of the new Hippocratic Oaf (HO) is harder, with a pleasant blend of sweet drum beats, seductive bass grooves, and heavy guitar, topped off by a female singer. Yes, things have changed over the years, starting with the band member lineup. Darin is working with other musicians in San Diego, Tustin, and New York City to develop new ideas and approaches.

HO offers audiences a fresh new experience of alternative and rock. From different backgrounds, members of HO contribute new music to the world.

In April 2002, we completed work on our self-released EP No Charge. No Charge features original material narrowed down from a repertoire performed previously three years in jam sessions, shows, and local basements within the local music scene. It was primitive, but it set the stage for followup music.

HO is in the beginning stages of its second album, HO2. Currently, we are in the process of fine tuning each, with the expectations that we will be moving into the new recording studio sometime late in 2009. We are redoing several of the earlier songs, including The Angry Song, Bitch in Heat (Little Grass Shack), and Sunday Hangover . New songs include Lili'uokalani, The Winding Road, Friends To The End, Fire In Your Eyes, The Smoking Song, Woke Up This Morning, and Muddy Water. We hope that final production will be completed in summer 2010. This is an exciting time for us. Don't worry, we will continue to develop our sound through our unique blend of alternative rock.

We would like to hear from you, so if you have got a minute, please contact us via email, and talk to us! Tell us what you like about HO, what you don't like, what rocks, and what sucks. Thanks so much-- we couldn't do it without you!

Go to our music on myspace/hotheband and you can hear our new stuff. We often record our practice sessions and play outs, so our music is changing and hopefully improving. Click on the Garageband button, below, and you can hear some our earlier tunes from NO CHARGE simply by pressing the PLAY button to the song you want to hear. Note that our earlier stuff was ska and reggae driven, and we have long since moved developed into an alternative rock sound. Regardless, you can see what others are saying about those tunes, both good and bad!!

We finally joined the revolution! We are now on

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