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All About John Lennon
     John Lennon was born on October 9th, 1940 at 6:30 P.M. in Oxford Maternity Hospital in Liverpool, England.  His father was Julia Lennon and his father was Alfred Lennon.  At this time the war was going on, infact, bombs were being dropped the night John was born.  John's father was involved in the war, so John rarely got to see him.  Julia moved John lots of places, finally Julia's sister, John's Aunt Mimi stepped in to take custody of young John.  So John went to live with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. 
      John took an early liking to books instead of toys.  He loved to listen to the radio, hearing the mystery programs, comedy programs, and just plain music.  When John was five, he went to Dovedale Primary School.  By then, John already knew how to read. 
      From the first time out of Dovedale, John decided to become a "Teddy Boy."  A Teddy Boy was a teenage rebel in England that usually wore black cloth jackets with velver collars, flasy shirts, string ties, tight black stovepipe pants, socks that may have been bright pink, and thick soled shoes. 
      Elvis reached Great Britain in 1957.  John loved to listen to Elvis.  John started to bug Aunt Mimi for a guitar.  When Aunt Mimi said no, John ordered a cheep mail order model.  He would sit there, waisting all his free time, strumming the crude acoustic.  
      John got to know some of the other musicians in Quarry Bank Highschool.  His first band was known as the Blackjacks, and dressed in tight fitting black jeans. 
       On July 6, 1957, the Blackjacks had a performance that would change history.  It wasn't the performance, but the audience.  One special young individual was in the audience.  That young man was Paul McCartney. 
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