Last Sunday afternoon,at Brisbane's Shafston Hotel,The Hipshooters boogied through Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Pride and Joy.'
Guitar slinger Anton Elkington then gives a Stevie Ray like grimace and launches his Stratocaster into that fabulous opening lick to Texas Flood.
  Now there's an Album - a passionate, rocking work which blew in like a Texas twister to herald the arrival of arguably the best Power Blues guitarist of the modern era.
  Vaughan's 1983 debut Album created a sensation and helped fuel a revival which took Blues back into the mainstream.
  Half a decade ago it was remastered and re-released with the addition of a few previously unreleased tracks,including live versions of '
Mary Had A Little Lamb' and 'Testify' and the soulful studio take of  the emotion-charged 'Tin Pan Alley'.
  For those who missed those heady days but want to find what Vaughan - rated among the top players of all time - was all about,this is where the journey should start.
His music was all about passion and power, blazing solos which never lost direction or intensity blending with driving chordal influences, all along paying homage to the likes of Albert King, Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix.
  There's no over production here - just Vaughan and the driving rhythm of Double Trouble (bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton). Vaughan didn't favour overdubs and his studio material is reflective of a live performance.
  The jazzier feel of '
Lenny', a tribute to his wife, gave an inkling of what was to come from Vaughan from future Albums,such as 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' and is a must in any Vaughan collection.
  Vaughan died in a chopper crash in 1990, aged 35 and at the peak of his powers. He had released just five Albums,each quite special.
  But it was '
Texas Flood' with it's purist title track,driving boogies,sheer energy and emotion which aroused the world to the talents of Stevie Ray.
  My thanks to The Hipshooters for reminding me.
                                                                         Mark Voisey.
Saturday May 8th 2004.
....exert from BAM in The Courier Mail. Brisbane,QLD.