Bucca Blues Festival 1999.
Billy was born in New Zealand and has been playing the world stage for many years.  His grandfather was a well established performer in New Zealand and his elder brother, Ron Williams, was a bass player with bands in N.Z. in the 60's.

Tamala Motown, Atlantic, Stax Volt Revue,and Jimi Hendrix  were the main influences on Billy's early career giving him a great appreciation for groove and feel.With Jaco Pastorius having a profound effect, as did Tommy Shannon and Billy Cox.

Billy has recorded with;
'Classic Affair',
'Space Farm',  'Ticket',  'Monsoon',
'Blerta',  'Shazzam',  'Doc Savage', and
Phil Keys
'Band Of Light', to name a few.

Billy has written songs on all of
THE HIPSHOOTERS  albums  with  'Freedom',
and 'Little by Little' being released on the Gympie Muster Farm Aid CD's 1998, '99.
   'Hiplicity' another of The Hipshooters
'Live at the Bombshelter' Tracks written by Billy
has reached #1 on the charts,
as has 'New York' co-written with Anton from
the 'Voodoo Love' CD.
' Che's  Lounge ' Brisbane.
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Classic Affair;1968-70
Classic Affair.
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..." Billy Williams is simply put
one of the best I have heard for a long
while, and he and Elkington play
extremely well together"....

...Tom Branson ...(Voodoo Love Review).
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Shazzam London '78
Phil Keys & Billy '74
Phil Keys & Billy.
Bobby Mack & Billy '92
Bobby Mack & Billy.
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