Introduce  Yourself
Stand Up
Standing In The Shadows
Manic Depression
Little By Little
Independent ;  6 tracks...25 mins 6 secs.
The music of Jimi hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan is a starting point for this high wattage guitar-led trio from Brisbane. Although their repertoire is now mainly original, they still close many shows with an incindiary version of 'Voodoo Chile' and a storming cover of  
'Manic Depression' is included in this ,their  second CD (which follows 'Live at the Bombshelter!').
          This mini-album was recorded live at
The Healer, with later overdubs and minor 'enhancement'. Although none of it can be labelled as Blues, there is much here for to satisfy Blues fans with a taste for Mr. Hendrix and allied music. The sound of the album is full, rich, but transparent.
          The band consists of ex-pat Kiwis Anton Tipi Elkington (guitar/vocals), Billy Williams (bass), and Barry 'Little Goose' Harvey (drums), but guests abound. The first sounds heard on track one are the organ of Ross Nixon and distinctive 'crying' guitar of Josh Bambridge. Later tracks feature backing by Lil' Fi, Sweet Felicia, Jo Grant and others, Matt Moline on harp and engineer 'Beachie' Wild on slide guitar.
           Funk rhythms dominate 'Freedom' and 'Stand Up', with a touch of Stevie Wonder meets James Brown on the latter, while the album closes with an acoustic/slide duet with double tracked vocals that has a hint of Little Feat. The original lyrics in all tunes offer positive, sometimes wryly humourous messages, and the band perform with great feel and plenty of energy. A pity it's only a 6-tracker.
                                              Mark  Doherty .. Rhythms Magazine .. Feb.1998. ***1/2.
CD Art work ;
Billy Williams. c.
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