THE HIPSHOOTERS       VOODOO LOVE ; Independent Release 2002.

Dedicated fans of The Hipshooters can expect to encounter an important body of work
when they 'fire up' the Voodoo Love Cd.  The Blues/Rock trio (with obvious Stevie
Ray Vaughan,Hendrix interest) on the live scene have finally embraced a special
creative phase in the studio (Flyshakker, Brisbane - Qld). The first title/track has commercial appeal and should attract international recognition with effective marketing. 
This love song with a twist (Voodoo Love ) and Santana-ish vibe(Cabasa, Vibra -slap) is a delightful percussion trip (assisted by Mark Stewart) for The Hipshooters and a refreshing new direction for the Artists to persue!
(Also listen out for Alex Sonori and Hunter New's work on New York).
It is obvious when you analyse this 11 - track project that Lead guitarist/vocalist Anton Elkington has dug deep to deliver most of the lyrics. Although love (described in many ways) is a major theme throughout the album he has chosen to connect us with his personal thoughts about his homeland (NZ) in  Long White Cloud and Pohutukawa Drive (a Billy Williams collaboration). It's enjoyable how he fly's into a quirky falsetto around about the midway point for Pull The Trigger!
Towards the end of the project dynamic drummer John Forbes cuts loose with Billy Williams (bass) in a live improvisation solo (Engine Room) then the album ends with a soulish blues classic of Buddy Guy's, Leave My Little Girl!  When you grab the album be encouraged not to pigeonhole the music of The Hipshooters during this stage of their development and stay with their journey!
           You  won't  be  disappointed!

Deb Morrice ;  RAVE  MAGAZINE  ; February 2002.
               ENGINE ROOM             LEAVE MY LITTLE GIRL
Cover Art ; Billy Williams c
There is apparently no end to the great list of bands from Australia. I have become such a great fan of many of the artists from down under, and I sincerely appreciate both their artistry and quality of product. Each week, it seems that yet another outstanding Aussie recording finds its way to my mailbox.

The latest addition to my ever growing list of Australian favourites are The Hipshooters from Queensland. A veteran (ok, they have some old guys like me) 3 piece line up of Anton Elkington on guitars and vocals,Billy Williams on bass, and a very solid John Forbes on drums, The hipshooters follow exactly the official Dr. Branson recipe for a truly outstanding 3 piece band, i.e., make sure you have a very talented bass player and allow him the freedom to display his skills. Billy Williams is simply put one of the best I have heard for a long while, and he and  Elkington play extremely well together. Their sound at times is somewhat jazzy, other times very much blues/rock, but always enjoyable. There are also ten very fine original compositions of the nine studio and two live tracks on their most recent release "Voodoo Love" . Elkington is a better than average vocalist and the harmonies on this CD are much better than the norm.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entire CD, with my favourite tracks being the smooth and jazzy "Pohutukawa Drive", the scorching guitar of their live version of Buddy Guy's "Leave My Little Girl Alone", the ZZ Top sounding "Long White Cloud", and my personal favourite track "Night Sky", which features the best vocals and harmonies on the set, combined of course , with the stinging guitar work of Elkington and the always excellent and often spectacular bass of Williams.

Review by ; Tom Branson.
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