Fisrst of all, let me clarify that I have very little sense of art. I can't even sketch a cartoon! Still I present the following pictures - with the hope that they will show you the possibilities of computer graphics when you have the right tools. Indeed, if someone like me (with almost no artistic talents at all) can create pictures which he can put up in his website, imagine what you are capable of!

3D Arts

All the following pictures were rendered using POV Ray (some with the MegaPOV extension), except for Excaliber which was created and rendered in Bryce 2.1 (whose version 4 was available last time I checked!). I tried to arrange the images in chronological order of their creation.
day.jpg (50kb)
CMS Pool (Day)
night.jpg (37kb)
CMS Pool (Night)
excaliber.jpg (33kb)
knot.jpg (23kb)
The Knot
mobius.jpg (26kb)
Mobius Strips
fruits.jpg (37kb)
carrom.jpg (42kb)
megaball.jpg (61kb)
supercoil.jpg (59kb)

MegaPOV Quick Reference

Click here for the MegaPOV 0.7 Quick Reference which I assembled on top of the excellent POVRay Quick Reference by Robert Chaffe. I hope this helps you just as it helps me.