Arnab´s Goodies


This page is devoted to the programs that I wrote.

Java Programs

Java is relatively new to me, my adventures with Java began on 2004. Nonetheless, I find it rather fascinating. Here you will find some of my Java Applets and Applications.

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Non-Java Programs

Here are a few of my programs which I have decided to distribute freely. They were all made for the DOS/Windows platform. I hope they serve you just as much they serve me!

It might help if you have a download assistant like FlashGet, GoZilla or GetRight.

Click on a program to see its description.

I have (most likely) abandoned the following project.


Installation and Uninstallation

Unless otherwise mentioned (in the programs readme file or anywhere else), what follows is how to install (and uninstall) these programs.

All the programs here are zipped in .zip format. To install any program you will need an unzipper like WinRAR (the tool of the trade) or Winzip (somehow more popular). Just unzip the program files (with the internal directory structure maintained) to any folder.

To uninstall any of the programs that you download from this page, just remove it. Yes! It's that easy. Trust me, none of the programs interfere with anything outside their own folder (unless otherwise mentioned). None of them uses your system registry also! (This is because of the horror sci-fi I read when I was a kid - how the registry became bigger and bigger and one day it came out of Windows and ate the user!)

Email me at for any suggestion, bug report, criticism, request (for new features/new programs), etc. Thank you!


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