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Phew! Quite a lot of work! Finally I've come to (or have been forced to) understand that creating an web site is certainly not child's play. Fascinated by the very idea of expressing myself to millions across the web, and flattered by Yahoo! Geocities - I thought it might be a good idea to try a simple page. I did not know a bit of HTML, and the whim ended up into a big catastrophe. The work had to be abandoned, and I decided to be more systematic. I had to learn HTML, CSS2, Javascript, etc. which took up quite a bit of time. The next step was planning and creating the artwork and text. It finally ended up in months of work, and many sleepless nights (still I am sure that this is full of spelling/gramatical mistskes which I am not going to search for, remembering the hard time I had, so they are going to remain undetected until some kind person politely spots them out for me ).


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GoodiesThese are some softwares, ranging from games to system utilities.
GallerySome pictures that I've created. Also has MegaPOV Quick Reference.
LinksSome PDF files that I have authored.
LinksLinks to some sites that I like (no link-exchange or commercial programs here - only sites which I like!).

For any comments etc., please email me at hirak_99@myrealbox.com.

Tech Blog 99

UPDATE! Here's a blog that I maintain... http://techblog99.blogspot.com.

Note: Initially I did not plan to ask for donations for using my softwares, since it gives me enough satisfaction to see these programs coming to somebody's use. But my mother has been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C, whose treatment involves a costly therapy. I would therefore gladly accept and appreciate any donations. Thank you,

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Last modified on 10-Aug-2003