who is this weird person? [you can close the yahoo! pop-up ad by
clicking twice on the 'x' in the corner]

likes the color pink but hates it that she likes the color pink because she used to hate it ::
running down the down escalator or up the up escalator. also known as 'impatience' ::
having to read the words on a conversation heart before she eats it ::
having to know what COLOR the conversation heart is before she eats it (also applies to m&ms, skittles, and other colored candy.) ::
thinking out loud (can be misunderstood as "talking to herself." but she doesn't talk to herself. she just thinks out loud. a lot.) ::
explaining herself about EVERYTHING (like all these little comments in parantheses.) ::
needing a millionty hours of sleep ::
naming bugs ::
feeling like someone is ALWAYS watching her ::

things people have called me:
silly feather (caleb) ::
feather brain (autumn) ::
pigeon (chris pratt) ::
swell (andrew) ::
fae-fae (justin) ::
dedda (meghan) ::
phooter (mykmull) ::

places i want to go:
alaska, because i was borned there ::
texas, because i love people there ::
australia ::
egypt ::
kentucky ::

tastes i like:
orange cream ::
melty sugar ::
custard ::
real whipped cream ::
kraft mac and cheese ::
calamari ::

smells i like:
orange, orange, orange! ::
campfire smoke ::
rain ::
mowed grass ::
laundry detergent ::
chimney smoke ::
caleb and andy's pipes ::
clove cigarettes ::

sounds i like:
crickets ::
train whistles ::
thunder ::
acoustic guitar ::
peeps from baby chicks ::

music i listen to the most right now:
matthew ryan ::
third day ::
sarah harmer ::
coldplay ::
carl orff ::

favorite little things:
flavored chapstick ::
fuzzy stuff ::
rubber duckies ::
postcards from brian ::
smokes with caleb ::
daisies ::
fireflies ::

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right now, feather might be feeling: The current mood of waterpixie at www.imood.com
(it sort of depends on how long it's been since she updated. click on the feeling to find out...)

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this wasn't enough for you?

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