U.S. History since 1877, section 22250
Dr. Storrs, Fall 2008
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Study questions on Bailey and Farber, First Strange Place
Rosie the Riveter; (WWII poster)
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Spring 09 history classes that build on this class:
Dr Young Hist 3394 Liberals v. Conservatives: US Political History since 1933, T Th 4-5:30
-Dr Storrs Hist 3320 US Women's History, T Th 1-2:30

--Final exam
is on THURS Dec 18, 2-5, Aud 1 AH.

--Foner textbook:  1) UH bookstore will buy back the textbook until a few days after the final exam 
Food for Thought (optional, history-related links for your edification):
Fiscal policy and foreign policy are entwined (NYT 11/30/08)
Greenspan concedes error on regulation
(NYT 10/23/08)

Deregulation and the current economic crisis (NYT 10/3/08)
;Don't Blame the New Deal; 9/28/08
Chernow, The Lost Tycoons;9/28/08
History News Network (current events in historical perspective, ie economic crisis, 2008 election, Iraq war, etc)
--Left perspective:
--Right perspective:
--US college grads and  income inequality

Are college professors too liberal?
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