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America's First Asian War

The American & Philippine War

The year is 1898 and a still innocent America finds itself in possession of the Philippine Islands, the spoils of a resounding defeat of the mighty Spanish empire.

Insurrection, the story of America’s forgotten war, is told through the eyes of history’s most colorful participants, bringing the events to life in order to tell the true story of America’s attempt at an overseas empire.  It is the story of our country’s thirteen-year struggle to hold onto its fledgling colony and of the Filipino’s desperate fight for independence.

Insurrection brings to life men like the adventure seeking Colonel Fredrick Funston, who makes the ill fated decision to bring his bride of two weeks with him to battle, of General Arthur MacArthur, who would fight on the same islands his son Douglas would liberate some forty years later, and of school dropout Emilio Aguinaldo, who finds himself thrust into the role of leading his country towards independence.   But, jealousy and the assassination of the country’s most able General threaten to topple the rebellion and destroy a once mighty nation.

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