My Life Now...
Life in Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba...

Right now I am studying in the University of Manitoba (est. 1877), located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Located about 2 and a half hours flight from my hometown of Vancouver, BC, Winnipeg is a modest size city with a population of about 680,000.
My school is situated on the southern part of the city, situated beside the Red River. Last year I lived on the campus at the residence of
University College and I lived on the 7th floor. (The best!!!) It was a fun year and I met many new friends there.

I am currently taking 4 courses this semester and they are primarily Arts (social sciences) courses. My goal is to enter the faculty of Arts. I hope I can make it.
Check out my university's website:
University of Manitoba

U of M Administration building.
An aerial view of the U of M from the West.
Before I came here...(Jan.- Mar. 2000)

Many people asked me how come I came to Winnipeg to study. The best answer I could give them is that that's my destiny. I was checking out the local newspaper in Vancouver and I saw an ad introducing major universities in Manitoba. Primarily, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and Brandon University. I chose UM because it is the largest one and has the longest history, going all the way back to 1877.
I didn't expect much besides the fact that I really wanted to study in a university. I know it will make my parents and I very proud. I was accepted almost 2 months after I sent in the application. Then comes reality...the reality that I had to leave home to study afar. It got to me when I realized that I have never actually left home before. Will I survive out there? What if I run out of money? The worst thing is...will I be lonely?
I told myself that it's actually not that bad since Winnipeg isn't as far as it is. So finally I decided to go in spite of my mom's initial objection. She relented and understood that I must choose my own destiny.
Then came the part where I must cope with the fact that I know of no one in Winnipeg at all. I decided to meet some friends on the internet.
I wrote to several people but no one bothered to reply. I was fortunate enough to meet a guy called Daniel C.. Not only did he respond to my e-mails, but he also kept a correspondence with me. I learned that he was not yet 18, a Chinese from Hong Kong whose whole family immigrated to Winnipeg several years ago.
We began talking to each other more often and within less than 2 weeks, we had suddendly became more than just friends. I didn't know what all that means or what kind of situation I am bringing myself into. After that, I had the chance to visit London, England. It was my first time visiting Europe and I was so excited. I stayed there for about a week but somehow I felt as if something was still missing.
Then I knew where I had to go to find the thing I was missing. This turn of event would finally bring me to the prairies of Canada and to the city of Winnipeg where I am residing now.

First Arrival...(April, 2000)

I made plans to visit Winnipeg and my school but in fact I knew I had to see Daniel. The flight from London to Winnipeg via Toronto was the longest I have ever been on. The television screen on the plane showed the movement of the plane across the Atlantic. It took almost half a day before I finally arrived in Winnipeg in the middle of the night.
After checking out of the custom, I sat in the waiting area for Daniel to show up. I looked around the airport but I didn't see him, in fact I saw very few asians for that matter. Even though I knew it was quite unlikely, but somehow I was afraid that he might not show up. I asked myself..."what if he is just playing a joke on me?" or "maybe he wasn't even in Winnipeg" or something like that.
To my relief, he did come to pick me up and for the very first time, I saw him walking from the distance, his figure getting bigger and clearer as he approached me. I was at awe as well as insipid. I didn't know what to do. My heart was thumping and I didn't know what to say. He was acting the same as well.
We drove around the city and it was an eye opening experience for me since I have never been to Winnipeg before, nor would I have ever dreamt of coming. I guess life is always unpredictable.
It was getting late but it still felt like Daniel and I were driving incessantly around Winnipeg. I was still hungry from the tasteless food I had on the plane so we decided to eat at Denny's. Although I was immensely overjoyed to see Daniel for the first time, I cannot deny the fact that I was feeling exhausted from the flight from London, UK to Winnipeg.

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