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History writing and history teaching

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Andrei Oţetea (1894 — 1977) acad.

Constantin Daicoviciu (1898 — 1973) acad.

Constantin S. Nicolaescu-Plopşor (1900 — 1968)

Constantin C. Giurascu (1901 — 1977)

David Prodan (1902 — 1992) acad.

Vasile Maciu* (1904 — 1981)

Ion Nistor (1905 — 1974) acad.

Dionisie M. Pippidi (1905 — 1993)

Mihai Berza (1907 — 1978)

Mihai Roller* (1908 — 1958) acad.

Emil Condurache (1912 — 1987) acad.

Stefan Pascu* (1914 — 199?)  acad.
Ilie Ceausescu (1923 —

Dan Berindei* (November 3, 1923 — ), acad.

Dinu Giurascu (February 17, 1927 — )

Ştefan Ştefănescu (1929 — )

Ion Calafeteanu* ( — )

Virgil Cβndea ( — )

Dumitru Almas* ( — )

Ioan Chiper (September 17, 1936  — )

Ioan Scurtu (January 24, 1941 — )

Florin Constantiniu* ( — )

Constantin Hlihor ( — )


University of Bucharest - Faculty of History Today




Prof. Zoe PETRE (Head of Department)
Prof. Alexandru VULPE (Member of the Romanian Academy)
Prof. Mircea BABEŞ
Prof. Alexandru BARNEA
Prof. Constantin PETOLESCU
Dr. Gheorghe Vlad NISTOR (Reader)
Florica BOHALTEA (Lecturer)
Carol CAPITA (Lecturer)
Monica CHICIDEANU (Lecturer)
Dr. Miron CIHO (Lecturer)
Daniela ZAHARIA (Lecturer)
Margareta ARSENESCU (Asst. Lecturer)
Cristian OLARIU (Asst. Lecturer)
Ioan OPRIŞ (Asst. Lecturer)

Department of world history

Prof. Stelian BREZEANU (Head of Department)
Prof. Lucian BOIA
Prof. Constantin BUŞE
Prof. Mihai MAXIM
Prof. Bogdan MURGESCU
Prof. Andrei PIPPIDI
Dr. Nicolae DASCĂLU (Reader)
Dr. Antal LUKACS (Reader)
Dr. Lucia POPA (Reader)
Dr. Gheorghe ZBUCHEA (Reader)
Sorin ANTOHI (Lecturer)
Ovidiu BOZGAN (Lecturer)
Dr. Simona CORLAN IOAN (Lecturer)
Ecaterina LUNG (Lecturer)
Dr. Mirela-Luminiţa MURGESCU (Lecturer)
Dr. Viorel PANAITE (Lecturer)
Dr. Valentin STAN (Lecturer)
Marian ŞTEFĂNESCU (Lecturer)
BOGDAN ANTONIU (Asst. Lecturer)
MANUELA DOBRE (Asst. Lecturer)

Department of history of the Romanians

Prof. Ioan SCURTU (head of department)
Prof. Ştefan ŞTEFĂNESCU (Emeritus Professor, Member of the Romanian Academy)
Prof. Dinu GIURESCU (Emeritus Professor, Member of the Romanian Academy)
Prof. Ion BULEI
Prof. Marcel CIUCĂ
Prof. Gheorghe IONIŢĂ
Prof. Nicolae ISAR
Prof. Liviu MAIOR
Prof. Mihai RETEGAN
Prof. Tudor TEOTEOI
Dr. Mihai Sorin RĂDULESCU (Lecturer)
Dr. Sarolta SOLCAN (Lecturer)
Ion BUCUR (Asst. Lecturer)
Adrian CIOROIANU (Asst. Lecturer)
Alin CIUPALĂ (Asst. Lecturer)
Valentina FILIP (Asst. Lecturer)
Simion CALŢIA (Tutor)
Florentina NIŢU (Tutor)

Dean: Prof. Alexandru Barnea
vice-dean: Dr. Vlad Nistor
scientific secretary: Dr. Antal Lucacs

University of Bucharest - Faculty of History Today


Institutul Nicolae Iorga

                WEB Institutul Iorga

Institutul de Istorie a Partidului

            Institutului de istorie a partidului de pe linga CC al PCR

Institutul de instorie Militara

                WEB Institutul pentru Studii Politice de Aparare si Istorie Militara.