Yeah... I just want to comment on the Chris Benoit case.  I have never met him, but from a friend of mine who have met Chris in the past, he talked alot about his family, the same family member which Benoit killed, in the span of two days.  I am still shocked over this entire situation, and to point fingers at steroid is wrong also.  Thousands (if not millions) of people took and taking the 'roid, and you don't see things like this on the news all the time.  Heck, of all these years I followed wrestling, this is the first time anything of this grandeur happened.  It is not saying drugs were not involved, but it is one of the factors that drove Chris Benoit insane.  

Pressure from work, family, and the loss of close friends may have caused this tragedy.   Domestic abuse and the rigor of the wresting business have been issues for a long time, something has to be done to fix said issue.  Government have to enforce laws regarding domestic violence; state regulations and self-governing within the wrestling industry is needed; and the workers' metal health have to be a concern as well.  These wrestlers sometimes don't look it, but they are human beings too, and they need to take a break like the rest of us, an off season after Wrestlemania I think would help them out a lot.

The bottom-line is, no one want this to happen again.  Something has to be done.