Man's Real Quest

This is a website containing a wealth of information about the spiritual and eternal aspect of life. It was originally a book written by my Grandfather, Sri Ramakrishna Rao . After reading it, I felt that I could relate to it to a certain extent and it has to be shared with everyone. So here it is! If you are interested , go ahead and read all the chapters... I hope it will give you a deeper understanding of life and its purpose.

N.B: All references made to "He" or "Man" include both male and female and are not intended to be sexist.For the purpose of retaining the originality of the text,I haven't changed them.
While the following texts don't necessarily reflect my views, I strongly believe that they are eternal & deserve to be shared with the world. So, read,think...and live life !

Man’s Real Quest

The Real Seat Of Happiness
Power Of Faith
How To Develop Devotion
How To Reach God Easily

God-Our Real Support

Who Am I ?

The Integral Vision

Our Divine Mother

We Are Really One

The Real Man

The Real Guru

How To Relieve Want And Suffering

Japa For World Peace

Gurkha Sepoy’s Sudden Renunciation