Beings & Races

The Magratheans (Planet Builders)

The Magratheans went to sleep. It was all they could do since no-one could afford to buy their very specialised product - Custom Built Planets, as the Galaxy was going into a deep recession and they decided that the only thing to do was to sleep through it! As soon as they galaxy came out of recession, the inhabitants would be automatically revived.  They were revived for one special job - to build The Earth Mark Two.

The Mice

The Mice are a particularly clever race of pan dimensional beings. They became sick and tired of pondering the meaning of life that they eventually decided to sit down and solve it once and for all! They spent much money and resources building a stupendous Super Computer called Deep Thought.

These are possibly the most ruthless of creatres. They not only look ugly, they have ugly personalities and ugly poetry. Vogons are just UGLY!