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[If i build it, i will come]
Thursday, January 24th 2002

Well, i've been doing a little research on the K-1 Evoluzione. I'll be able to afford one, one day in the no to distant future. Then i'll just have to build it! What else is new? Well I had ostrich meat today... This meat is incredibly low in fat and almost everything else. The result? I cant stand it it tastes like nothing. Imagine eating and not geting that plump fatty taste in your mouth... What is this world coming to!

Pictures of the K-1 Evo are to the right


]Literacy Bites.]
Tuesday, January 22nd

I fear that i am driving a great friend of mine away, due to the constant neandering, and bickering that we exchange reguarding grammar on a regular basis.
Marko, i cannot help it i'm addicted to it and you know it!

Nuff said, time to get back to ircing and filling my time with absolutely nothing.



Friday January the 18th

It's been a while again, just finished my sociology course great! Now on the agenda i've got Maths Englsh Religious studies and some other fun stuff. Perhaps this time i wont stop working for a month and i wont have any problems whatsoever. Well anyways, i've fallen behind in my personal reading, i havent touched 1984 in over a week... Ouch. So much for my 3 books a month wishes ha. Anywhoo I'm off to go do uhh stuff..

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What are you looking at? Beena's eyes arent they beautifull? :) Haha im in shit.

[Baby Bri...]
Monday January the 14th

Yay im talking to beeda, havent talked to her in forever so i'll keep this one short i wrote another little essay on conflict check it out

click here

[It's really Saturday.. no really it is]
Sunday January the 13th

Yay, i just spent five hours working on sociology... Dont i feel amazing, acually i dont and both of my hands are now suffering from writers cramps (the right is feeling the lefts pain).
Hah! I sat down and ate a meal too, now tell me if this isnt your typical starving university student meal.

-Macaroni with tomatoe paste
-La'vache kuri
-One 500ml bottle of heineken
-Two slices of toast.

I nearly died laughing when i actually reaiized what i was doing, who needs uni when you can eat like this!
Anywhoo i have chosen to post something i wrote for sociology about Albertain hutterites.

Click here


[George Bush to die]

Friday January the 11th


Thursday January the 10th

My mother believes i am living in contempt. From this day on i shall be known as clown the contemptious.

We cannot choose where we will be born, but we can choose how and when we will live and die.


Read your books, have your guests life is grand.
Drink your tea, sip your wine, life is fine.
Its ok, really it is, in the end your soul is mine.



[Posting for tuesday, but its really wed morning]
Tuesday January the 8th

Wow, i've got really bad gas, aside from that i just finished reading a man for all seasons! Yay. I can honestly say it was an amazing play. Robert Bolt definately owned me on that one. I couldnt put it down, i slammed through it in three hours. PLus the preface but that took a little bit extra since it was not really interesting whatsoever :). I couldnt put it down i mean i told myself i'd get soee sleep last night and stop at page 15, before i noticed i was at 39. That is the sign of great literature!

Author: Robert Bolt
What: The story of Sir Thomas More.
Rating: ****

Now i leave you with a quote.

MORE HAve patience, Margaret, and trouble not thyself. Death comes for us all; even at our birth--(He holds her head and looks down at it for a moment in recollection)--even at our birth, death does but stand aside a little. And every day he looks towards us and muses somewhat to himself whether that day or the next he will draw nigh. It is the law of nature, and the will of God. (He disengages from her, Dispassionately) You have long known the secrets of my heart.
(MARGARET exists with NORFOLK)


[Everything falls in to place,]
Monday January the 7th

Everything falls into favour, Everything falls into place... And then we all go mad and throw it away. I see what you're doing, makes sense after all. My hearts telling me im not mistaken, it feels better than i can believe, everything falls into place, everything falls into favour again. Everything falls into place, and then we all go mad and throw it away.

Last night i picked up "A man for all seasons" By Robert Bolt. It's a play about Sir Thomas More and King Henry V|||.



[Im there]
Monday January the 7th

Alright, my newyears resolution is to do something productive every single damn day of my life. I havent really read any books in the entirety of my meager life, i think i'll start now... I've got nothing to lose right? I'm going to start out with all of those philosophy and artsy type books i should have read a long time ago. I mean, some people enjoy reading so much that that's all they would do if they could. Where's the loss in that? Only time will tell.

Dj Greg-T gave me some cd's yesterday 8 exactly, the newest songs from the UK and europe. Damn these songs are amazing, anyways for those of you who dont know him (Dj Gret-T) he's Greg Tsouloufris, one of the most amazing people i've had the pleasure to meet also a great friend, and a great host. I say host because when he's in town i usually live at his house. :) He's got two kickass brothers and amazing parents. Back to the story, he Dj's at Heaven in the UK on of europes most promenant clubs. He's met shitloads of famous people (chemical bros for example), and sees others regularly. (J-lo).
As soon as my exams... and his for that matter are over, i'll be heading out to visit him.

Another neat little feature im thinking of doing is posting interesting tidbits of information or cool pictures, i'll snag them from around the web and post them here.

Finally i'd just like to say that picture rating services are frighteningly frightening. I mean, i have checked my stats on hot or not about 20 times a day and gone around clicking yes or no on about 500 million people. Shit i just signed up to ratemyface.com I AM going to hell for this.


[Where do we go from here]
Sunday January the 6th

Well i've been partying and i've been clubbing, nonstop. The Christmas holidays are over, and my friends are leaving. I had an amazing time. I also neglected to do my studies, and anything else for that matter, all i did was go out and have fun. Nearly three weeks in total and i accomplished practically nothing, well i did manage to get very little sleep and cut my hand up pretty badly. Other than that everything i did really wasnt anything IMPORTANT.
The Clown Underground has suffered quite a bit through my actions. Something that i hadn't intended for but it did happen nonetheless.
Where do i go from here? In all honesty i'm quite burned out, physically and mentally. I think i need to sleep for a day and then get right back at it and see what i can pull off.

It has been snowing here for the last three days non-stop, well almost non-stop. Most everything here in Athens has been effected by the snow, airports arent working properly... busses arent running, and the couple hundred thousand taxis are almost literally all on hiatus. If i dont finish my sociology course this week, i will fail it.
So i've got quite a bit of stuff to do.. yet im sitting here great.

Greg and i threw a strip show/party, it ended up sucking for one good reason. It snowed, when it snows in Greece noone goes anywhere. People magically become retarded and cannot contain themselves. As aa result, only about 130-150 people showed up. It could have been FAR worse, but it's a far cry from the 800-900 some crowd Greg pulled last time at "ENTER". I took pictures of the whole day leading up to the transformation of the place, and the actualy party. The party wasnt all that bad when i think about it. Quite a few of my friends were there and we laughed the entire night, when the dancers came on we managed to laugh even harder. I've got some pretty hillarious photos of myself and others with the dancer. There would have been dancer(s), but something fucked up... I just blamed it on the weather.

So whats new? It's 6:01 am, and i've got to get to bed... So i'll try to upload now, but if i cant it'll have to wait for the morning.




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