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  Oye hittttt, chal aaj tere liye testimonial b likh deti hun.tu b kya yaad karega......wat 2 say abt u...i havent seen such a down 2 earth person in my life..he cares 4 u, scolds u wen needed, pampers u wil also fight 4 u if needed though he is as he calls ahimsavadi.....once u r in his frends list u need not wory abt urself......he is there 2 wory abt u......i dnt knw hw he manages 2 help each n every persn he likes or not.dats really a great quality!!!i found a great frnd n a gud human being in him...n 4got 2 mention his irritatin qualities 4 which he is famous-LOGIC....bt i like dat..haan!sumtims its 2 much..bt chalta hai...no1 is perfect afteral..i hope v wil b frends 4ever...n al d best 4 xams..phodna hai!!!!!!!!!!
Its the way u see it-n nothing else matters!!!!
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Name: Hitesh urff hithark(here u see my friend's opinion about me:)
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