Mario making an appearance in the future blockbuster, TRICK OR DIE!

Snairbs! Visit my friends or I'll eat your brains!
Un nueve link todos los dias!


The Mario Contest has ended. Jason Shifley sent Mario a new pair. THANK GOD! And as a reward, he get hot butt sex with Mario EVERYDAY and $10! Mario can also now be seen in the upcoming movie, Trick Or Die! 6/4/04
If your looking for Erica, Jordan, Moka, or John in the sightings section, look under "Roommates". 4/21/04
New website design! Everything works except the sightings. Please email if you see any bugs. 4/20/04
Mario lost his glasses. So sad. 4/13/04
Mario Newsletter. El Chato es muy estupido. No more chat. Lo siento. 4/13/04
Link of the day, and banners, oh and the chat is down. 12/9/03
Punani is now up! 11 more pictures under Laurie! 11/20/03
Bilingual! 11/11/03
Mario Chat! 11/7/03
The Original Mario page works. 1 more pic of Laurie, 2 of Jackie. 11/5/03
2 more pics under Laurie, 1 more under Miriam. 11/4/03
Jordan is now up. 2 Spork pictures added, 1 Lucyloo pic. 10/28/03
John is now up, and picture captions! 10/26/03
Some of the links dont work, but they will! 10/20/03

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