Wrestling Videos and More For Sale

Feb 28, 2004

I created this page to get rid of my wrestling videos. I decided I don't need them any more, since I rarely watch them like I use to.

Once the video is sold, it's gone. First come, first serve.

I only have what is listed. Don't email me asking if I have a certain PPV or show. If it is not listed, I do not have it.

I do not make special tapes that contain parts from other tapes. Don't email asking for only portions of tapes. If you want something from a tape, you have to get the whole tape.

With that, this is how things will work:
  • I will check my email a few times a week.

  • I am only taking orders from within the USA.

  • Buyer will be responsible for shipping and handling.

  • If you want to buy, please email me with your list and your zip code. I need your zip code to figure shipping price. ALL SHIPPING WILL BE DONE UPS (since where I work does UPS shipping).

  • Here is a list of pending sales. Remember, everything is first come, first serve.

    I will remove the items listing once the items are sent to the buyer.

    Wrestling Videos
    I am listing my video collection in three parts.
    Part 1: contains WWF/NWA/AWA/WCCW/UWF 80's comps and WWF/WCW/ECW '98 comps
    Part 2:contains WWF/WCW/ECW '99 comps
    Part 3: contains WWF/WCW 2000-01 comps

    Each video is $6.00, unless otherwise noted.

    I've listed all full matches for comp tapes, but not for others that just have full shows. For those, I will list the show, date, and anything worth noting.

    Wrestling Figures
    I am also selling some wrestling figures. These figures are loose LJN figures released back in the 80's. I currently have 5 for sale:

  • Andre The Giant: Paint wear on hair and tights.

  • Hulk Hogan (w/belt): Paint wear on knee pads, hair, back tights, boots, headband, wristbands.

  • Jimmy Snuka: Paint wear on hair, back tights, knee pads, wrist bands.

  • Roddy Piper (w/kilt): Paint wear on hair, back, boots, chest.

  • Nikolai Volkoff (w/hat): Paint wear on hair, boots, back.

  • These figures are not in mint condition, but do not have any holes or chunks missing. Right now, I do not have a set price on these bad boys, but will soon. If you want one of these, e-mail me with an offer.

    WWF Magazines
    I am also selling old issues of WWF Magazine. I had a subscription for about 4 years and saved most of them. The ones I am selling are the ones in the better condition. In this listing, the name(s) in italics are on the cover and the name(s) in bold are on the poster. Other names listed have articles about them in the magazine.

  • WWF Magazine 03/99: Foley w/ Title, Rock vs. Austin, Luna Vachon, Big Boss Man, Rock Bottom PPV results. $3

  • WWF Raw Magazine 07/99: Cactus Jack, Scorpio, V. Venus, Skull/8-Ball, X-Pac, J. Ventura, Foley vs. Funk. $4

  • WWF Magazine 08/99: Brood, Billy Gunn, Debra, S. Blackman, Droz/Albert, Tag Team Division. $4

  • WWF Magazine 11/99: Mr. Ass, Raw is Jericho, Gangrel, K. Shamrock, SummerSlam PPV. $3

  • WWF Magazine 05/00: Chris Jericho, Tazz, Radicalz, A. Snow, n.W.O. PPV, Tori, K. Angle. $3

  • WWF Magazine 06/00: Rock, Dudleyz, Jackie, Acolytes, Big Boss Man, WrestleMania PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 08/00: Chyna, Undertaker, Crash, C. Benoit, Terri, Judgment Day PPV. $3

  • WWF Magazine 09/00: Edge/Christian, X-Pac, Godfather, T&A, Kane, King of the Ring PPV. $3

  • WWF Magazine 12/00: Lita, Austin, Raven, Unforgiven PPV, Mean Street Posse, Rikishi's Ass. $3

  • WWF Magazine 02/01: Hardyz, Debra, E. Guerrero, RTC, Dlo & Chaz, Survivor Series PPV, Billy, Regal. $4 (This magazine is in mint, actually is replacement sent by WWF)

  • WWF Magazine 03/01: Austin/Rock, Austin, Rock, Angle, Trish Stratus, Triple H, Molly Holly, S. Blackman, Armageddon PPV. $3

  • WWF Magazine 04/01: Kane, Jackie, Benoit, HHH, Royal Rumble PPV, APA. $4

  • WWF Magazine 05/01: Dudleyz, Ivory, Test, Kaientai, Big Show, IC Title History, Rikishi/Haku, N.W.O. PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 06/01: V. McMahon, McMahon vs. McMahon, Terri, WM X7 PPV, Undertaker. $3

  • WWF Magazine 07/01: Benoit, Crash, Debra, Tag Title History, Backlash PPV, Foley. $4

  • WWF Magazine 08/01: Edge/Christian, X-Factor, S. Richards, Tag Teams, Austin, SummerSlam, Judgment Day PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 11/01: Stephanie McMahon, HHH, Booker, High Flyers, L. Storm, Edge/Christian, Dominant Divas, SummerSlam PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 12/01: RVD, JR/Paul Heyman, Survivor Series History, Ivory, Hardyz/Lita, Kanyon, Unforgiven PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 01/02: Matt/Lita, Y2J, Test, Dudleyz, Kane, No Mercy PPV. $4

  • WWF Magazine 02/02: Ric Flair, Royal Rumble, Booker, Trish, Raven, Survivor Series PPV, DDP. $4

  • WWF Magazine 03/02: Undertaker, WrestleMania Moments, Lawler, Edge, Dream Matches, Angle, Vengenance PPV, Billy & Chuck. $4

  • WWF Magazine 04/02: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Booker, Y2J, Euro Title History, Meet the Refs Part 1, Royal Rumble PPV, HHH. $4

  • WWF Magazine 05/02: Rock/Hogan, Steph, Rock vs. Hogan, Billy & Chuck, Lita, N.W.O. PPV, Hening, Meet the Refs Part 2. $4

  • WWE Magazine 06/02: Austin/Rock, Far East Tour, WM X8 PPV, Raw is Flair, SmackDown w/ McMahon, Angle, Goldust. $4

  • Price is listed with magazine. Pricing is pretty simple, $4 for a perfect condition and $3 for glue on cover. The glue is from the mail label placed on the cover.

    One last thing. I only went through the 80's tapes to check for quality. Anything from 98, 99, 00, or 01 are in watchable condition with no major problems. They were recorded on a high quality VCR and should play without any problems on a decent VCR.

    If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to email me using the address below.


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