Welcome to the Realm of Chaos! Ah. Um. O_O

ANYWAY. I've decided, on a bit of advice, to reformat this page into an actual index page. So, following this bit, I'll list some categories, and already created pages and such, for you to visit...


Click on these various links to see a few pics I've drawn.

This is a pic of my good friend, and bondholder, Kaen Tolariad.

This is not the best picture of my character Ra'Aki outside of my trailer frames.

This is.

Now this...this is the best thing I've ever drawn. Full title: "Male face in deep meditation."


These are frames I drew for my trailer for Ra'Aki's story, calld Empire: The Darkest of Angels.

Frame one: Ra'Aki's profile.

Frame two: Close-up of Ra'aki's profile.

Frame three: A shot of Ra'Aki with her katana.

Frame four: Tien-Mu, one of my best characters. Goddess of lightning.

Frame five: My beloved's character, name of Quinn.

Frame six: Ra'Aki facing off with the bad guy.


These are my various logos and banners, all mine, save the first, done beautifully by my good friend Nick.

Inazuma banner, done by Nick.

This site's official banner.

An awesome logo, if I do say so myself.

My message board sig logo.


First and foremost, links to the rest of my site, the Got Milk Parody page and the place to see pictures of me, though who would want to...And my new Review Page!

The Taint, a great site run by my great friend Guy, for all us Wheel of Time junkies at The Wheel of Time Book Forum.

To go to my beloved's site for his amateur film studio, click here...

And feel free to drop me a line at My new TheTaint.org address.

Ah well, 'tis all I have for now! Feel free to send me places to link to! I need more!

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