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News for 03/18/2002

Nyo Minna!

This update is just a little one, because i am really, really busy with the school, i hope i will have more time at the next update.

Manga News: There are 2 new and 1 re-uploaded chapter of Kenshin.

That would be all, sorry about this small update.


News for 04/08/2002


Soon i will try to re-design the site and because of that there will a few changes. First there won't be big anime on the site, but maybe there will be a few small size one. Then the request section from the forum will be deleted because unfortunately i can't fulfil any of them, sorry. So if the requests will gone than there are no need for the "My List" section as well. Anyway i did not updated that section for a long time now. The other sections will remain. There will be more manga and anime music, jpop albums then ever before. I will try and add more reviews as well, with nice pictures. ^^" Oh, and i will try and start a section where you can post your reviews of any anime. So don't hesitate if you want to write a review about an anime just do it and then i will post it on the page for sure. ^^ These are my future plans of the site, i hope i can make it. If anyone of you have comments or ideas of the site that i can use , please post it on the forum. Thanks.

Manga News: There are 3 new chapter of Kenshin. I wanted to add all the remaining chapters but there was some problem with the uploading so i could upload only these chapters.


News for 04/15/2002

Konbanwa Minna-san!

The new design is still far away because i do not have any really good idea, maybe next weekend. ^^

Manga News: There are 2 new chapter of Kenshin and 1 extra story. That means i just finished uploading Kenshin so the Kenshin project is finished ^^" ,there will not be any new chapter but i will try and re-upload the old ones, oh and there will be one extra story too.

Anime Music, Jpop: There aren't any new OSTs here, but i will add a 3 or 4 new at the next update, please forgive me. ^^