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This isn't just a music store...
    It's a Museum!!
The coolest music store in Dallas!
Hit Records
10253 Ferguson Rd
Dallas, Texas 75228
Open Monday-Saturday from Noon until 6:00 PM
Aeroheads from around the World gather around the old wings in 1995.
Bruce, Amy and Ron under newest Aerosmith logo in May 2000.
Mic and Steph in front of Toxic Twins door in 1999.
April 29, 1999 meeting before Dallas show in front of new wings..
Amy and Bruce between both logo's in May 2000.
Hit Records is a cool old-fashioned flashback to the 70's style music store.  No matter what style of music you are looking for, you can find it here.  Hit Records carries a huge selection of CD's, albums, cassettes, EP's, singles, Imports, boxed-sets, T-shirts, posters, music video's, stickers, jewelry, buttons, patches and much more!
Independently owned by Ron Ross since the 70's.  Hit Records is one of the few survivor's from those good old days when you could walk into a music store and you could tell that the person running it loved music. Unlike many of today's big chain music stores who will hire just about anyone.

Ron also has part of his enormous collection of music, band and horror memorabilia throughout his store for customers to check out.  Along with his giant paintings of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and The Ramones on his outside walls.  Just visiting Hit Records is an awesome experience in itself.  Help keep thes rare real music stores alive and make Hit Records your only place to satisfy your musical taste.
Hit Records has become sort of like a tourist attraction for music fans from all over the World who are visiting Dallas.  It is especially a must see for Rolling Stones fans.  But, Hit Records is affectionately known as Aero-Headquarters to their fans known as the Aero-family.  For over 20 years Hit Records has proudly been showing it's Aerowings!                 
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Bruce showing Aerosmith tattoo under new logo February, 2001
Ron and Bruce in front of store in February 2001.
Bruce inside of Hit Records.