Favorite Fan Fictions

I've been writing fan fictions since before I even knew what they were called. As you can see, I don't share all my stories. Some of my earliest stories are only in my head and were never written down on paper. Here are some fan fictions with amazing authors. I'm very glad these fans chose to share these stories with us because they are amazing.

No More Lullabies is the sequal to a wonderful story titled Glassy Surfaces. You don't need to read the first story to understand No More Lullabies, but I would reccomend it because the story is wonderful. I've read it several times and cried everytime.

My Father, Taylor Hanson was written long before Taylor even knew he was going to become a father. Who knew this story would have become reality so soon?

The Quiet One was a hit among Hanson.netters.

So There Was This Boy... seems to be getting around the net quick. Great story.

I Want You was a huge inspiration to me while I was writing Drifting Through the Sea of Life. (There are BROKEN LINKS in this story! Somewhere around chapter 16, when you click next chapter, it will take you to a different story. To get to the correct chapter, go back to the content listing and click the chapter you want.)

Faithful is a WONDERFUL story based on only Isaac.

Rainbow Sprinkles is one fan fiction that I considered my favorite for awhile. I've read on and read better, but this story is still wonderful.

Distortedly Perfect - What can I say? I cried. Amazing.