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with the Offical Hanson Band-Aids!
BREAKTOWN is getting a make over, as you can see!  All the stories will be back up very soon.
Visit my
DeadJournal to read about my experience seeing Hanson perform at Carnegie Hall!

Website Updates:

/~*11/16/03 - See!? I told you all I would be back!
A prologue and three chapters of my new story,
Without Her (the sequel to Someone Else's Name), are up!

Hanson Updates:

/~*11/16/03 - Hanson recently played the last show of their Acoustic Tour at Carnegie Hall! I was extremely lucky enough to attend this wonderful show.  Visit my DeadJournal to read reviews and go here to see some pictures.
-Happy Birthday to Isaac, who celebrates his 23rd birthday tomorrow!

- New tour dates have been added and more are coming! (Including a special event in November!)